Swiss-cheese holes in Universal Service

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Spectrum map

Today, Doug Halonen wrote a piece for Current, that highlighted the potential impact that the FCC Spectrum Incentive auction could have on public television’s Universal Service.

His report comes following a new CPB white paper  that was commissioned in April 2013 to provide background and a policy framework for local public media about how and whether to participate in the FCC’s auction.

The CPB white paper warns of “white areas” where public television may no longer be available over-the-air if the PTV station chooses to sell and go off-air. This has the potential to make our current, highly enviable, universal service coverage transform into something that more resemble Swiss-cheese. The gaps that could occur in the coverage leave low income and minority Americans without the free, over-the-air television service that many rely on.

Doug’s report, which includes a quote from John Lawson, address this issue in greater detail. Please use this link to read the article in full: “Incentive auction threatens over-the-air public TV service, says CPB report.”

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