Promoting Resilience and Cross-Sector Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

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The US Chamber of Commerce held a seminar called “Promoting Resilience and Cross-Sector Collaboration for a Sustainable Future” which John Lawson attended.  While the name is a bit of a mouthful, the seminar hosted speakers obviously quite knowledgable in their fields and from a diverse array of institutions and perspectives.  While this isn’t your typical emergency alert conference, emergency alerting was a defined, core element in recovery and resilience.   The seminar involved a macro view of population centers and how one could put sustainable, recoverable systems into place which are aimed at garnering resilience and preparing for the unlikely yet inevitable state of emergency.  A good section of the seminar talked about how we should be preparing for disaster because it happens much more often than we’d assume as well as costing us much more than we’d assume.  Both sides of the aisle, government and business figures, agreed with this truth in their respective fields.  Now advanced emergency alerting is an answer to the macro problem of major regional and nation-wide emergencies.  It takes part in many of the steps necessary in fostering sustainable resilience and recovery.  This type of system, like AWARN, offers a reliable, robust communication and warning system in times of crisis, offers tools for both the public and first responders during an emergency, and serves as a platform to disseminate valuable information to control and mitigate both the actual situation and the story surrounded by a flurry of alarm-inducing headlines.  Our high-tech world necessitates a high-tech solution.  Thus modernizing our emergency alerting systems is critical in promoting resilience and collaboration for a sustainable future.  AWARN is this kind of system, one that can drastically improve dissemination of general alerts and their effectiveness while retaining flexibility and potential for upgrades.

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