Range of Services

Customized Webinar or On-Site Board Briefing
Let us help you educate your Board and staff with a customized webinar outlining a high-level view of channel repacking opportunities and ATSC 3.0 harmonization, as well as spectrum monetization and public safety opportunities.

An on-site board briefing will address the same topics, but will allow for greater customization and a longer, more detailed Q&A session.

Station-Specific Post-Auction Planning

Working with your executive team, CSI will devise a plan that will focus on station specific opportunities after the FCC spectrum incentive auction that will include:

  • Brokering opportunities between public and commercial stations for ATSC 3.0 transition and channel repacking
  • Explore opportunities to match repacking money with other funding
  • Spectrum leasing opportunities
  • Growing demand of IoT data
  • Cord-cutter marketing strategies and other ways to drive membership.

For more details on these services, including pricing and time frame, please contact Fiona James at fiona@convg.com, or call the office on +1(703) 347 7070

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