Convergence Services Inc., (CSI) worked closely with the executive team at Maryland Public Television (MPT) to provide a 360º due diligence review of its options for participating the the FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction to its governing board, the Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission (MPBC).

CSI produced an extremely detailed white paper, which laid out all of the options available to MPT for participating in, or abstaining from the upcoming spectrum auction.

CSI’s white paper looked at a multitude of issues including:

  • The rise in over-the-air (OTA) viewership and the symbiotic relationship that OTA has with over-the-top (OTT) viewership – watching via an online streaming service.
  • The contour signal maps for all six of MPT’s stations – important for repacking purposes and potential channel sharing options.
  • Channel sharing options.
  • Relinquishment options.
  • Disenfranchisement of Maryland residents.
  • New and next-generation broadcasting technologies, and how these can and will affect MPT in the future.
  • Advanced emergency alerting.

CSI culminated with an onsite briefing to the MPBC that included a detailed PowerPoint deck presentation.



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