We assisted CPB in their efforts to establish a permanent home for the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The American Archive is one of the most important undertakings in the history of public television and radio in the United States. It seeks to preserve and make accessible to the public the remarkable legacy of public media content produced for national and local distribution over a span of six decades. It will ensure that the cumulative public investment of billions of dollars in non-commercial media over the years is fully protected for generations to come.

Convergence Services, Inc., assisted CPB in their efforts to find a permanent home for the American Archive through outreach work to various institutions and individuals; in writing and editing project literature and documentation; background research, analysis and actualization.

Work on the American Archive continues. Television and radio stations and participating organizations in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico are actively involved in the American Archive Content Inventory Project (CIP).

Casey E. Davis at WGBH’s Educational Foundation is the project manager for the American Archive of Public Broadcasting and can be contacted at casey_davis@wgbh.org

The American Archive: Preserving Our common Heritage for the Common Good
CPB Will Seek Operator to Develop American Archive