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Transitioned from the field tested and proven Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS), AWARN the Advanced Warning and Response Network, is a next-generation emergency alerting tool that is designed to expand the existing and developing capabilities of digital TV broadcasting to deliver reliable, rich media alerts anywhere, anytime.

As the broadcasting industry transitions to a new technical standard, ATSC 3.0, AWARN will leverage the higher data throughput, more robust transmission and improved indoor reception that will be delivered by this next-generation broadcast standard.

The addition of advanced emergency alerting capability and the accompanying rich-media emergency alerting information is a key element of the next-generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard and promises to create new significant value for viewers, consumer electronics manufacturers, broadcasters and various emergency alerting authorities.

The AWARN team consists of a coalition of partnering companies. Along with Convergence Services, Inc., the AWARN partners include: LG Electronics, Zenith, Monroe Electronics/Digital Alert Systems, Triveni Digital, Gates Air, NAB Labs, Wearable Xlabs and PBS.

John Lawson frequently represents AWARN as a presenter and speaker at industry trade shows and conferences. In 2015 to date, he has presented at the NAB Show 2015, the IJIS Symposium, Spectrum 2025 and at the AMS Broadcast Conference.

Convergence Services, Inc., assist AWARN with their efforts in policy, strategy and deployment. Our work includes out-reach to government agencies including NWS/NOAA, the FCC and FEMA.

In June 2015, AWARN installed a permanent demo of the AWARN 1st generation technology at FEMA’s IPAWS Lab in Indian Head, MD.

Convergence Services harness our deep experience in the broadcasting industry to educate broadcasters on what exactly AWARN is and how they can better reach and connect with their own local communities using this platform.


Advanced Warning and Response Network Announced: Feb 2015

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