Meeting with RAPA (Korean Radio Promotion Association)

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On June 14th, John Lawson and Fiona James, of Convergence Services, met with representatives from RAPA and other relevant stakeholders in bringing advanced emergency alerting to Korea.  After a dynamic presentation from Jerry Fritz, the RAPA delegation was shown a demonstration of the features and potential of AWARN.  Since Korea has already adopted ATSC 3.0, implementing AWARN would be the fundamental next step.  Also due to concerns of an uptick in natural disasters and the actions of their only bordering country, the South Korean government is looking for ways to integrate a modern emergency alerting system.  Thus after a hour or so of deliberations, the delegates put an offer on the table: a US-Korea joint effort towards the development and implementation of AWARN.  After seeing the coalition and program with their own eyes, the delegates decided that AWARN was not just hype.  Plans have not solidified yet, but there are talks of a joint signing ceremony in which this alliance can be publicly announced and defined.


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