2 November

To prosper amid coming disruptions, public television needs a post-auction agenda – Op Ed for Current

By John Lawson | October 6, 2016 (Image: Chris Campbell) The pace of technological change for broadcast television is accelerating. The coming influx of spectrum auction proceeds will be unprecedented. Public television’s ability to adapt and respond could well determine its future relevance in American society. Sales of spectrum in the FCC’s voluntary incentive auction, […]

5 October

NETA Conference Presentation – The Case for Keeping Your Spectrum

On Wednesday October 7, 2015, John Lawson will be presenting at the NETA Online conference in Tampa, FL. Former CPB COO, Vinnie Curren will be co-presenting. http://www.netaonline.org/1015/SessionPlaylist.htm#WEDNESDAY_GENERAL Lawson and Curren will be exploring the case for retaining spectrum rather than opting to participate in the upcoming FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction. The full session description is […]

18 August

Minority, Public TV Viewers Most Threatened in FCC Auction

Minority, Public TV Viewers Most Threatened in FCC Auction

The news last week that Sesame Street is migrating from PBS to HBO is not the only indicator this summer that the economic divide may be widening for the American viewing public. Audience data indicates that two segments of the U.S. population will be hit especially hard by the upcoming FCC auction to sell off […]