ATSC 3.0 Wins “Most Significant New Technology” at the TV of Tomorrow Show

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in Public Television | No Comments

At the 11th annual TV of Tomorrow Show, ATSC 3.0 was awarded the “Most Significant New Technology” award.  While not particularly surprising, the award was very gratifying because ATSC 3.0 tends to not have strong publicity even in its own industry.  Perhaps because of the exceptionally catchy name.  Regardless, it’s great to see the hard work of ATSC’s engineers coming to light.  While this is a moment for ATSC 3.0, AWARN is an extension of the amazing innovations that elevated ATSC 3.0 to its position of “Most Significant New Technology”.  All revolutionary features incorporated into AWARN, and in general advanced emergency alerting, are directly lifted from ATSC 3.0’s suite of features.  So while AWARN may not win “Most Significant New Technology”, it will take this most significant new technology and save countless lives with it.

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