NETA Conference Presentation – The Case for Keeping Your Spectrum

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On Wednesday October 7, 2015, John Lawson will be presenting at the NETA Online conference in Tampa, FL. Former CPB COO, Vinnie Curren will be co-presenting.

Lawson and Curren will be exploring the case for retaining spectrum rather than opting to participate in the upcoming FCC Spectrum Incentive Auction. The full session description is below.


The Case for Keeping Your Spectrum (All of It—and in the UHF Band)

The FCC and others are circulating eye-popping numbers that stations may fetch in the upcoming incentive auction if they sell some or all of their spectrum or convert to VHF. Most GMs are reluctant to give up capacity or coverage, let alone go dark. But they need tools to make the case to licensee boards and commissions for walking away from a one-time windfall. And they need to explain it their communities before the FCC’s harsh November “quiet period.” Two public media veterans, John Lawson and Vincent Curren, will present financial, policy, and service reasons that make a compelling case for public broadcasters, with few exceptions, to hold onto the RF spectrum they now hold in trust.

John M. Lawson, Convergence Services, Inc. – Twitter @convergenceDTV LinkedIn – John M. Lawson
Vincent Curren, Breakthrough Public Media Consulting, Inc.

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